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Before selecting your Student Elective read the important information on the Student Electives web page

To explore Student Electives search by entering data in to any of the fields provided below. You can search on any combination of the fields.

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What do the search fields mean?

Subject Area
The Subject area is a four-letter code that makes up the first half of the course code for a course. The Subject area is
often derived from the discipline to which the course relates e.g. accounting courses often have a Subject area of “ACCT”.
If you are unsure what the Subject area is for the courses you would like to search for, you can search by description.
Courses are advertised on this web site for upcoming semesters. Courses will continue to be added for future semesters as
classes are scheduled, so you may find a greater selection is available closer to your enrolment in each semester.
You may choose to study an elective at a different campus to your normal program of study, however you are responsible
for attending classes that are not held at your home campus.
Mode of Study
You may choose to study an elective with a different study mode to your normal program delivery mode. However you
must ensure you are able to meet the requirements of a different study mode. If you are an International student you must
ensure you don’t breach any visa regulation with regard to how many online (distance education) courses you undertake.
You may enter any key word in this field and all courses with this word in the title or description will be displayed in
the search results.

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